Is Neon Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective for Business Sale Signs?

A lot of industries are rethinking traditional technology vs. new technology when it comes to being eco-friendly. Some environmental advocates have pointed out that all-electric cars are not necessarily environmentally friendly if they are primarily charged by power generated from fossil fuels, according to the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) in Heidelberg. There could be a similar attitude about neon lighting, but neon is energy efficient. It’s also cost-effective because it is long-lasting.

LED and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are currently sold for energy efficiency, so how does neon stack up against these types of lights? If you’re looking for neon signs for sale to let customers know you’re open for business and bring them through the doors, are you also supporting the environment? The answer is: yes.

Neon is a Neutral, Non-Toxic Gas

First, neon is an inert and noble gas. It will only interact with fluorine in the laboratory. Although overall, neon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, only a tiny percentage of the earth’s atmosphere is made up of neon, according to European chemical supplier Lenntech. This rare gas is non-toxic and has no environmental impact because it doesn’t react with other elements and can form no dangerous or poisonous compounds.

Neon vs. LED Lights

Mike Hall Technical Services compared the energy efficiency and capital cost of LED vs. neon lights. Creating signage out of LED lights and neon, Hall used two different kinds of power drivers for the neon lights. Using the most basic power driver, Hall found that the neon sign used 211 watts and also cost less money to make. An LED sign with the same light output cost more to make and used 380 watts of power. With a more advanced power driver, Hall found that the neon lights achieved more energy efficiency.

When selecting LED lights, replacement costs also need to be considered. Replacing LEDs within an existing module is difficult. Another module may be needed, adding to the cost and the environmental impact.

Neon’s long lifetime, of anywhere between 10 and up to 30 years or even longer, also makes neon lights an environmentally-conscious choice.

Neon Can Be the Most Environmentally-Friendly Choice

According to Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine, neon can be the most environmentally responsible choice for business marketing lighting. Neon signs for sale need to be manufactured responsibly and used according to manufacturer specifications and recommendations. At the end of the sign’s life, the neon lighting needs to be disposed of in an environmentally-safe way as well. Some, not all, neon colors do use mercury. Proper recycling and manufacturing will keep mercury use and exposure to a minimum.

Neon lighting can draw customers to your business, let them know you’re open, and be a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly form of marketing with light.

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