NetBase Quid’s Social Media Analytics Tools Enable Businesses to Discover New Customers and Become Interested in a Brand

Social media analytics is the process of analyzing social media sites to analyze and predict real-time trends and relevant news in any niche market or industry. It is used by companies that do not have the staff or technology to manage social media analytics. It offers companies the ability to understand the correlation between their social media data and overall business metrics.

An understanding of social media metrics will allow companies to measure and understand the key social media metrics and trends that impact business performance. The process helps companies understand how to best leverage the use of social media to grow their business and monitor any negative impacts caused by social media.

Big Data technologies

Social media analytics uses Big Data technologies to provide an understanding of how audiences interact with brands and connect with others. It shows what people are saying about a product, its competitors, and/or the industry as a whole. This information enables brands to find out what their target audience thinks of their marketing.

Through social media, brands can be proactive, listening and responding to their consumers’ opinions, rather than reactive. A customer can get a direct response to their question or query, and brands can also know which customers might be more likely to buy from them. Social media allows brands to gather feedback from the social platforms their target audience uses.

Benefits of social media analytics

It provides insights that help businesses to understand their customers, understand the competition, share best practices, as well as decide the best time and places to execute promotions. It is a way of measuring the public impact of a business on social media by assessing the quantity and quality of interactions between a business and customers on social networks.

Why do businesses use NetBase Quid?

NetBase Quid is a rapidly growing mobile marketing company, focused on helping to grow companies and their brands. The company has been helping clients build compelling mobile content and products for the past ten years. NetBase Quid provides SaaS products that help companies create a consumer and market intelligence platform that builds relationships with their consumers. The mobile solutions it provides allow businesses to track marketing strategies, measure communication, analyze sentiment, and analyze customer data in real-time. NetBase Quid is a SaaS solution that is offered as an on-premise product.

NetBase Quid is used by businesses from all across the globe to find out what their audiences and target audiences are thinking. The company’s marketing, sales, and customer support teams use its insights to improve decisions and increase conversions and client loyalty. NetBase Quid’s customer base includes Alcoa, Ford, SuperValu, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Wyndham Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, and Scope, among others. NetBase Quid is also the only business intelligence tool on the London Stock Exchange ATIP.

How is NetBase Quid different?

NetBase Quid is an analytics platform designed to provide visibility into the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategies. Social media analytics helps businesses understand and use the power of social media to drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, market new business and support new business growth. Who should use this platform? NetBase Quid is a must-have for any business that has an active social media presence or is interested in increasing their social media presence.

Social media analytics aids to understand and access trends in online communities and media. This is usually done to get an idea of what the public is talking about, happening trends, and how a company can be noticed and heard. Organizations use data gathered from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to get real-time information and drive decision making.