Nightlife in Jakarta: 3 Places to Experience the City after Dark

When people think partying in Indonesia is about Balithat is where you have to turn your mind towards a different epic tourist destination of the country. The funds of the gorgeous island, Jakarta has a blend of architecture, history, cosmopolitan culture, modernity, and nightlife. It is by far the most populated city in the world after Tokyo and stands amongst cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, as it comes to modern progress. It has been an attraction for large companies in Indonesia and individuals willing to live that the dazzling city life. With all these things across the city, people here are seeking to enjoy the nightlife.

Jakarta’s nightlife is a favorite among the tourists and working-class with a massive variety of clubs and bars with various topics and choices, in addition to night markets for those searching for a change from the normal. We bring you the best nightclubs to visit at night in Jakarta which will make your night just lovely!

  1. Dragonfly Club

This club was set up in 2004 and has become the best choice of the party-goers for nightlife in Jakarta. It has been given as the best nightclub at Jakarta and among the best 100 clubs in the entire world by Mond*for awards. And the location lives up to its expectations. It is lavish interiors with a modern touch, a large dance floor and the epic lightening system which will do just too high to get a party night. If you are interested in somewhere to sit down and relax as you enjoy your drink, this can again be your place. It’s a lovely lounge that’s ideal for a celebration cum chill mood.

Being among the most popular nightclubs in the country, the alcohol is quite costly, and the entrance can cost you as much as IDR200,000. There’s a strict dress code for both boys and girls. Boys will need to use semi-casual, no ripped jeans, shorts, or casual footwear.

  1. Immigrant Lounge and Club

The club has among the best interiors in Jakarta with a mixture of glamorous and innovative feels. It has its own balcony with all the city’s skyline shimmering in front of you. Having a large dance floor is enormous, they host some of the best international DJs and also have a vast number of beverages, providing you one of the best experiences of nightlife in Jakarta.

This bar is also rigorous in their dress code with the proper dress code for guys without casuals and necessary heels for girls.

  1. Colosseum Club

With 2,000 visitors at one time, the Colosseum Club at Jakarta is famous for its massive size. It’s a 16 m high ceiling and a balcony with a view of the city lights. Their light and sound system are just out of this world, and with a crowd of the most happening place, this is an all-party destination in Jakarta.

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