No need to brave the fish market crowd in Sydney – Get Fish comes at your service

Fresh fish, prawns, oysters, lobsters form the key items for many holiday spread throughout the nation during the summer. This fact is vouched for by the never-ending queues which constantly keep entering the Sydney fish Market every year during Christmas. In 2016, nearly 120,000 people flocked to the Fish Market in Sydney to attend the seafood marathon which continued for 36-hours.

Off late, during this time of the year, braving the extremely busy dish market arrived a new website that is offering a chance to the folks to enjoy sea food without getting nudges from the crowd. Get Fish is a website which offers fresh seafood Sydney and has a seafood delivery service which promises to deliver on the same day at your doorstep. In fact, you’ll be alarmed to know that GetFish has already grabbed an order from a patient who is admitted at St. Vincent’s Hospital and he wished to have a $50 spread on this hospital bed.

This was straight considered as a brainchild of Antonio Muollo who is a freshman from school and he along with DeCosti Seafoods created GetFish who is all set to make seafood easily accessible to an increasingly large number of Sydney siders. Antonio was just 15 years old when he spotted the gap in the fish market and the trouble taken by the fish-lovers to buy fish waiting in long queues. He used to work at the market since a very young age and when he understood the plight of the people, he decided to deliver seafood directly to the doors of the customers.

At the present moment, the customers are allowed to order seafood online through the official website GetFish. The company is giving in their efforts to develop an app. Majority amongst the DeCosti range will be available to the customers like the sashimi, crustaceans and caviar which is almost similar to having live crabs and lobsters. With the help of the present system, the users are allowed to place their order and confirm them real time. Whenever the order has been confirmed, the packing staff and office is notified so that they’re perfectly assigned into accurate time slots.

For orders which amount to more than $100 and the flat fee that is charged is $10? Currently, they are delivering to places which lie in between a 35 km radius from the Sydney Fish Markets. They were already looking forward to expand their services of booking online fish by Christmas 2017 and they’ve been successful in introducing this.

No, if you thought that the news media is just a game-changer for the entertainers who are running for shortage of time, you’re mistaken. This online fish service has teamed up with De costi Seafoods and they have delivered at the best time. This will make sure that they deliver from the shop front and also prevent the customers from fighting against others in the crowded fish market.