Outsourcing fleet management of vehicles by using ORIX – An insight into their services

Maintaining and managing a fleet of vehicles in-house is eventually getting difficult. From handling safety concerns and legal regulations to vehicle and driver management, the large number of responsibilities and obligations can soon tend to become overwhelming. Even more, there are also a continuous pressure on enhancing productivity, reducing costs and accelerating efficiency. Sadly enough, such objectives are impossible to accomplish keeping in mind the present financial climate and the tough situation of resources.

This is why there are many private companies which prefer outsourcing their fleet management and maintenance. ORIX fleet management services concentrates on boosting your business performance by offering better leasing solutions through consolidation of data, streamlining operations, high quality customer care service and innovative products.

ORIX – Just because they are flexible, reliable and transparent?

Besides having a national network of 6 different locations, ORIX provides the only integrated truck rental, trailer rental from CarSite and 4WD rental leasing solution within the entire Australian market. It is not only a rental or leasing company but the entire team provides a wide array of leasing, rental and finance products where their sole focus is on value and service instead of just selling trucks.

Features of ORIX which makes it special?

ORIX is probably the sole organization in Australia which offers commercial rental and vehicle leasing on above 1800 commercial vehicles throughout the nation. Here are few features of ORIX which makes it special.

  • Expertise: They have commercial experts set locally in the service locations to support all sorts of business requirements
  • Streamlined solutions: The ability to exclude or include extra services to reduce the risk and administration
  • Wide range: More than 1800 vehicles support any growth and change of business
  • Supports business of all sizes: Regardless of the size of the operations, ORIX has a wide range of options to help businesses meet their needs
  • Reliable always: Comprehensive support service lets businesses to keep moving within 24/7 driver assistance
  • Stability: ORIX has been operating successfully in Australia for the last 3 decades and hence they are termed to be stable

Fleet management services (FMS)

ORIX offers end-to-end services towards managing the fleet of vehicles under lease. FMS comprises of services like:

  • Comprehensive maintenance & repairs: ORIX is dedicated enough to handle your entire repairs and servicing throughout the period of lease
  • Improved purchase price: ORIX will leverage the purchasing power to arbitrate the best deal for you
  • Procurement of fleet, delivery and registration: Each and every aspect starting from placing an order to delivering it will be managed by ORIX
  • Management of insurance claims: ORIX even takes care of all sorts of insurance claims and renewals.
  • Assists in fleet sale: ORIX also assists you in disposing the fleet through the huge spread and dealer network.

Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of taking a leap of faith with regards to fleet management, try out ORIX for the above mentioned reasons and benefits that you’re going to reap.