Purchasing the best used grand pianos  

Buying a quality pre-owned piano can be both overwhelming and tedious because there are plenty of things to consider. There are a lot of factors that will determine the playability and consistency of the piano as well as well as the finish quality and design. Here are a few factors that could guide anyone hoping to purchase quality used grand pianos.


The grand piano is the most outstanding of all pianos regarding sound and size. It comes in varying sizes and for different users. A prospective buyer needs to ensure that the strings and keys are still intact, its frame should also be strong otherwise, it might stop working sooner than expected. The pedals should also be checked to ensure that they are functioning properly. Most importantly, the buyer needs to test the piano’s sound as this is the primary role it plays.


Besides the condition, its maintenance should also be considered. The buyer should find out from the seller how often the grand piano had been tuned. He should also know where the maintenance was performed and the kind of maintenance done on it. Or better yet, the buyer can consult a piano technician who can help to check if the used grand piano is still in decent shape to be used. Knowing about the maintenance of the piano will prepare the buyer to set aside some finances for minor repairs. 

Brand name

It is advisable to always stick to the more commonly known names in used grand pianos. For instance, some of the widely known brand names are; Steinway, Petrof, Sohmer & Co., Knabe, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, and Bosendorfer. Buyers should avoid obscure brand names which have questionable construction and material quality. Pianos from ancient years happen to be the best for effective rebuilding. In addition, buyers should insist on written warranties of 10 years labor and parts.


The piano’s origin should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a grand piano. For instance, the buyer needs to know, Is the seller the previous owner of the piano? Is he or she the piano’s first owner? With these questions, the buyer can know whether the instrument is still useful. It is a valuable tip for consumers to know a piano’s origin ass this will help them know the previous history of the instrument and the way they used to perform. 

Comparison shop

When choosing a used grand piano, it is better to go to a piano dealership which has a wide selection of styles and sizes. A shop that has one or two pianos will not be an ideal comparison place. Quite often, a single grand piano on its own may seem an excellent deal when in fact, it is quite deficient tonally leading to unwanted selection.


Keeping in mind these factors, the prospective pre-used grand piano buyer is assured of a worry-free experience since there will only be a few or no drawbacks when purchasing one.