Sandy and rocky beaches in the North of Malta

Never ending worries must stop someday. Book your holiday in the North of Malta and enjoy most amazing beaches unmoved by mother nature itself!

Selmun Beach – ImgiebahBay (Mellieha)

Selmun Beach is one of the most remote, calm and sandy havens in Malta. This place offersthe most comfortable yet private sunbathingareas, away from crowds and worries. Selmun Beach is quite difficult to reach- no public transportation will take you there, the road to the beach is quite long and very rough, and you will need to make your way down the hill. But once you have reached this secluded bay you will realise it was worth the effort as you get to spend a day surrounded by pure,unadulterated nature.

When travelling with young childrenit’s recommended to take a taxi or rent a car to get to Selmun. Going down the hill will be quite a challenge for the younger ones, but the crystal-clean water, lots of space and warm sand will unforgettablyreward the whole family.

If you enjoy exploring, then Selmun Beach is just perfect for you. After you climb down the hill and go all the way along the sandy beach you will get to a rocky beach which has a white flat bottom, perfect for swimming. The marble-like rocky beach will be even more private than the sandy one, and you won’t need a sun umbrella there- you will be able to find some shade caused by oddly shaped rocks located all around the beach.

Keep in mind- there are no convenience spots around Selmun Beach, so make sure you have your snacks and a reasonable amount of water ready when you go. Even mobile connection is very poor on this beach, so if you are one of those who seek to forget about the world for a day and fully relax- Selmun is your top beach destination!

Armier Bay

One of the most popular northern beaches of Malta, Armier Bay, will present you with all facilities and conveniences needed. Cafeterias all around the beach, many parking spots, a public convenience, sunbeds and water sports are all within a hand’s reach in Armier Bay.

On a hot summer day this beach could get a bit crowdy, but it’s all fine because just two minutes’ walk away from the main beach, there is one that serves like an extension for the large Armier Bay. It’s even called Little Armier Bay! Great thing is that while you’re at Little Armier you will be able to use most of the facilities of the main Armier Bay. The main difference between Armier Bay and Little Armier is that the first one is sandy and the second one is rocky. Just make a choice based on your mood and enjoy full exposure to the sun and salty water.


And here is a beach for adventurous hikers. If you enjoy hiking with a goal to reach a beach and have a cool refreshing swim after a long walk- FommIr-Rih (which means“mouth of the wind” in Maltese), is just for you.

This very private, remote rocky beach which boasts stunning views will be a spot to remember. Unforgettable sunsets, green and blooming shores will take you on a most romantic beach experience. Just don’t forget to pack up your snacks and water to be prepared, because at FommIr-Rihone does not find any facilitiesat all.

This beach is very well-loved by boaters, not only because they don’t have to walk down all the way to reach it – but especially for the extraordinary viewsand privacy it enjoys.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is one of the far north beaches of Malta. The name of the beach says it all- it’s a sandy paradise on earth. Great place for family time or a day at the beach with friends.This beach will take your breath away withamazing views of Gozo and Comino, as well as the green hills that surround the sunbathing area.

If you are looking for a place of relaxation, Paradise Bay will play an ideal spot for you. A restaurant, public convenience, parking area and water sports facilities will give you all you need for a great day at the beach. Kids will love the wide and golden stretch of sandwhile adults will have an easy time enjoying cold drinks under beach umbrellas. It’s not that difficult to go to paradise, after all.

Mellieha Bay

The largest sandy beach of Malta will invite you to an earthy wonderland. Soft, yellow sand and lots of space is more than perfect for a family beach day. You can charge up on that vitamin D in Mellieha Bay in the most convenient way.

All facilities are available on Ghadira Bay- parking, restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, a public convenience and even free Wi-Fi is just spot on! Not to mention the wide choice of water sports activities like diving, windsurfing, canoeing and water skiing – all for your entertainment. This family-friendly beach even hosts an amazing inflatable water play ground that keeps children busy for hours!

Mellieha Bay is safe for children because of it’s shallow waters and calm nature. While Mellieha Bayis perfect for the whole family, keep in mind that during the summer months it is always very crowded!

St Paul’s Bay

St. Pauls Bayis dotted with safe rocky beaches that make for the perfect beach experience. Extremely convenient to reach, St. Pauls Bay is practically blended in the town, so all facilities are within a few metresfrom the sea. Fresh food and cold drinks are always available on the spot. For added convenience no sand will bother you after you come back home and unpack your towels!

St Pauls Bay also has dog-friendly beaches, perfect for families with pets who like to refresh on a hot summer day.

Children will enjoy the most wonderful time looking for small fish, shrimps and crabs in the little water ponds on the beach. Just as well they will find great fun swimming and jumping into the water. Is there anything better than never ending fun at the beach?

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