Should you buy a standup desk? Here’s a guide!

Setting up a productive & aesthetically pleasing workspace is all about finding the right things. It goes without saying that the desk is the biggest focal point of your work room, and it makes sense to find one that’s functional and appealing. Instead of a regular desk, you can consider getting a standing desk instead. Standing desks, also called stand up desks or height adjustable desks, allows users to switch between sitting and standing positions with ease. There are all sorts of options in the market, and you can check PrimeCables stand up desks for as low as $200. Here comes a big question – Should you really consider a standup desk? Check some relevant facts below.

 Advantages at a glance

Just standing for more time in a day will help you burn more calories. Also, sitting for long hours can strain your back and spine, besides making one more prone to metabolic diseases and obesity. A standup desk prevents you from sitting for hours at a stretch, and you can expect to change between positions within second. You can also reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as standing is better for your heart. Having said all of that, a standup desk also helps in focusing better and enhances productivity at work.

How to buy a standup desk?

First things first, start by considering the height range of a desk. Check if you can sit and stand comfortably while working. Secondly, check if the standup desk has decent operations. Go for one that works on electric power, so that you can change positions with the switch of a button. A good standup desk shouldn’t make a lot of noise. Thirdly, check if the tabletop is included. For electric standup desks, the tabletop is often not included. It is also wise to check the weight capacity of the desk, especially if you need a lot of space on the desk. 

How much to spend?

A good electric standup desk should cost at least $250 or more, depending on the features. Whatever you buy, think of this as an investment for the long run. You wouldn’t be replacing your work desk anytime in next few years, so invest in one that is meant to last.

Standup desks are certainly more useful for those who hate manning the desk for long hours. Your spine, back and neck will thank you – Check for options!