Turning 18 – time to plan for some special moments

Turning 18 is one of the biggest milestones that any person encounters in their life. Sure, there are things like being born, or becoming a parent or getting married, that will all rank very highly on the list of key life moments in anyone’s book, but the 18th birthday is significant because, in short, it is the date at which a person transitions from childhood into adulthood. And while it is true that there is plenty of experience that will have been encountered long before that 18th birthday, the significance of the day is that it is when certain important actions or opportunities become legal. So, with this in mind, here are a few angles that you will be ready to experience when the big birthday comes along.


One of the best things about being 18 is that the range of substances that you are suddenly able to consume expand exponentially. It is no longer just Coke, juice or water, suddenly it is fine to partake of beer and spirits. Not that you couldn’t drink them before, it is just that now you can walk into a store and buy them legally. The same applies to things like tobacco or other legal narcotics. It is a time to experiment and indulge, and many young folks will spend time shopping online or in stores for items that they have previously not been allowed to try. You can now buy sweet puff Australia and enjoy its taste or mix your own hookah. Whatever it is that takes your fancy, as long as it is legal, you are now in a position to try it.


A decade ago body art was the domain of Islanders, sailors, and prisoners. It has migrated a long way in a short space of time to a point where it is now very mainstream. In fact, tattoos are now probably a more common sight on the elderly and the middle class than they ever were on the rough and tough classes of days gone by. The only rules tattoo artists adhere to quite stringently is the fact that you need to be over 18 to get inked. And the fact that you need to be sober. They are sensible rules as tattoo regrets are very hard to un-do. But once you are 18 and you know what it is that you want to be inked onto your body for the rest of your life, any tattoo artist will proudly do the job for you.

Your own body

Up until the age of 18 your parents need to be involved to sign consent on things involving your body. This applies to procedures like surgery or, in many areas to things like blood donation. It also applies to things like indemnity forms. Until you have officially come of age you are not actually able to sign forms that waive liability in eth event of an accident. For that matter, you are not able to sign any legal documents until you are of age, and that means being 18.