Video Conferencing Use 10 major application skills

Video conferencing is the current market, “the most green” technology, the following for everyone to recommend the use of telepresence and video conferencing 10 skills, so that you can achieve the business while achieving environmental protection purposes.

1.Remote office

Teleworking provides the foundation for employees to work at home, by reducing the time spent on the staff, the productivity of the firm and the morale of the staff are improved, while achieving the effect of saving on the operating costs of the business.

  1. Access the remote expert

Visit the remote expert function so that employees and customers can cross the geographical constraints, and experts face to face communication, not only save money, reduce carbon emissions, but also enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Global meetings

Whether it is with the board or the global working group meeting, through the global conference business, all attendees can only go to the conference room can be carried out with other participants face to face communication, rather than as long as the original long-distance aircraft to meet together , And the global conference business carbon emissions to zero.

  1. Customer Concise Guidance Center

Video communication allows customers and employees without the need for unnecessary high travel costs, you can communicate in real time, so that both sides quickly make decisions and real-time communication, to avoid the adverse impact of travel on the environment.

  1. balance of work / life

According to the study, employees who spend more time on traffic usually have greater pressure, lower productivity, and less job satisfaction. Video conferencing eliminates employee inconvenience in traffic, encourages employee morale, improves productivity and collaboration, and maintains communication between managers and subordinate employees.

  1. distance education

Connecting with a remote organization through a video conference avoids the waste of training facilities while also increasing employee learning opportunities and reducing the cost of training. In addition, the training content can be left to repeat the use of the future.

  1. Research and development

Through video conferencing, designers and researchers around the world can be on the architectural design, modify the online face to face discussion, thus speeding up the pace of development of the event, of course, to avoid carbon emissions.

  1. Team building

An enterprise with multiple offices does not mean that the team is isolated, because the video conferencing makes the interaction between remote teammates become as dense as the teammates in the same office, and even more intensive. Instead of having a space, collaboration and friendship between colleagues can be enhanced.

  1. Recruitment of personnel

For job seekers in different places, the staff responsible for the personnel through the video interview can be a preliminary screening, without having to make a special trip to the company to conduct an interview, thus reducing the cost and carbon emissions.

  1. Real-time collaboration

Through video conferencing with video and multimedia capabilities, companies can handle large amounts of data and collaborate with local colleagues in real-time, so that productivity is improved without wasting energy on long journeys and naturally The pollution of the environment. Video conferencing system

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