Wakatobi Is More Than Just A Diver’s Paradise, and These Are The Proof

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Rising from the depths of the southeast of the mainland of Sulawesi, the main islands of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binongko (Wakatobi) is an island paradise that offers laidback vibes and entry to world-class scenery underwater. With over 40 present diving spots, the late Jacques Cousteau once asserted Wakatobi as the finest dive site on the planet!  But we’d say it’s considerably more than just a diving destination. When you visit Wakatobi, the top expectation is to have fun. There’s something about Wakatobi that no matter where you go or whatever you do, you’ll have a wonderful moment.

If you don’t dive, it is also possible to appreciate Wakatobi’s hospitality and cultural tradition – with quaint villages, rugged wilderness, historical relics, ruins, and white-sand shores all just a brief hop away from one another. What can be greater than diving or snorkeling in the morning, relaxing on a private beach, or researching water caves in the day, enjoying the sunset while having a drink at a restaurant overlooking the ocean, then finishing the day by enjoying the Milky Way with the naked eyes? Here are a few exciting things to do at Wakatobi besides snorkeling and diving.

  • Meet real life Aqua-Men: Bajo Sempela, Kaledupa

Yes, you can meet Aqua-man which you think just exists in fictional comic book characters. Then you should visit Bajo Sampela. Bajo Sampela is a traditional village in the center of the ocean with 3000 inhabitants residing in traditional wooden houses built on stilts 3km from southern Kaledupa Island. Arriving within this village, you’ll be welcomed by kids greeting you with an ear-to-ear smile. They will most likely be the happiest children you’ve ever met. Do not be surprised if you find a 3-year- old laughing and running around before suddenly jumping directly into the deep sea. This friendly tribe has lived close to the sea for centuries, so most of them are excellent free-divers. Unlike many anglers that float over the prey, the Bajo dip and dip the ocean’s floor to hunt fish with traditional spear guns.

  • Sunrise & Dolphin Watching, Wangi-Wangi

If you believe you’ve seen enough dolphins at Lovina Beach, Bali, wait till you visit their “playground” at Cape Kapota, approximately 40 minutes by boat by Mola Harbour. Bet you have never seen that many of them! On the road there, you’ll have the chance to take in the glorious spectacle of sunrise and watch the sunbeams light the blue waters of the Banda Sea. When you’ve located the dolphins, prepare yourself to have the most unforgettable experience of visiting tens of thousands of dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat, jumping, dancing, and swirling. They frequently come so near the ship that we can hear their high-pitched clicking and squeaking. Isn’t this a magical journey where you can talk with your loved ones?

  • Bizarre local food to try in Wakatobi

Prepare yourself to place more pounds as you satisfy your cravings by engaging in a tasty, unique (sometimes bizarre) Wakatobi feast. Dishes to try: Kasuami (staple food of Wakatobi-made from grated cassava pulp), Parende (clear soup made from fresh coral fish), and Karasi (conventional crepe-like snacks made from cassava). The more daring should try sea urchins. Yes, they might seem scary at first, but do not be deceived by their appearance. Their paste-like roe or eggs are the edible component that can be found by cracking the delicate body. If you taste it with your eyes closed, you likely would have confused it for delicious foie gras!

  • Watching the Milky Way: Kulati Village, Tomia

When you step into Kulati Village, you might not see anything special about it. However, because you get to the scenic part, you will recognize what makes this village stand out: a gorgeous landscape view of turquoise seas with majestic cliffs and palm trees all over. But that’s not all. Before midnight, once the electricity is off, leaving the village in complete darkness with minimal artificial lighting surrounding the island – you can choose any location, either on the beach or on top of the hill, simply to gaze upward in a jaw-dropping perspective of the gorgeous sky above.

So what are you waiting for? Look up that calendar and start planning your next trip to Wakatobi! Before you plan a trip to Wakatobi, be sure to read more about Wakatobi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.