What is Wifi 6 and is it really that fast? 

Have a wifi connection at home and love how fast it is? Well, brace for impact because wifi is about to get even faster. And if you don’t have a wifi connection, or just a slow network, then this news should surely cheer you up!

Faster internet is something that would never go out of demand. We all love it, and with so many devices that need an active wifi network, it has become a necessity. As we keep consuming more data and apps keep getting resource heavy, greater bandwidth would do wonders. It would provide a much-needed boost to the existing wifi infrastructure that’s there. 

Thankfully, faster wifi is here. And it is called wifi 6. The biggest benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is that it is not just about providing the users with breakneck speed. Instead, there’s much more to it. Let’s find out!

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Okay so, to put things into perspective, Wi-Fi 6 is still the same basic Wi-Fi that you have grown up using and loving. However, there are a few cosmetic changes that have been put in place that makes things better than they have ever been.  

Wifi 6 is approximately 3 times faster than its predecessor, wifi 5. Furthermore, wifi 6 also has a much greater theoretical speed limit, which is promising indeed. It is important to note here that you will barely be able to reach the speeds that wifi 6 actually promises. It all depends on an ideal scenario. On top of that, you will never really need such speeds for your daily work. No matter how hectic it gets, the average wifi speed will be more than enough. 

However, as we have mentioned earlier, wifi 6 isn’t just about speed. Wifi speeds do tend to get slower when you have several different devices connected to it. Now this is quite natural, as devices try to beat other, trying to have greater bandwidth. In an average Indian household, you will probably have 5 or 6 devices that are connected to the internet. Fast forward to the future and you would probably have even more. All this traffic would eventually affect your wifi speed. 

Now with wifi 6, all the bandwidth issues are finally getting resolved. With multiple solutions in place, wifi 6 always keeps your internet connectivity strong. A higher number of devices connected to the wifi should not mean lower speed for you, anymore.

So, all the devices get faster internet then?

The answer here isn’t quite binary. A yes or a no wouldn’t do justice. Instead, you need to look at it from a different angle. A single device connected to wifi 6 would barely show a different speed from wifi 5. But when you have 10 devices connected to wifi 6, and 10 devices connected to wifi 5, the difference can be seen quite clearly.

We hope this blog has made things clearer for you. And if you think your existing wifi connection is not up to the mark, conduct an internet speed test today. See what speed it offers, and get an upgrade if you need, today! No one should have to suffer from terrible internet speed.